Horse Show Photographer: Alison Hartwell Photography

Alison Hartwell Photography is DMG Shows’ official horse show photographer. To maintain our high standards for photography, no other professional photographer is allowed at our horse shows without express written permission from DMG.

About Alison Hartwell

Alison has been specializing in Equestrian Photography for decades. She grew up riding and working at farms and shows, and carries this passion into her photography. Being the observer, there is much to learn of riding, and the delicate balance that can be illustrated between Humans and Nature in Equestrian Sports. We reflect to riders the art we see in what they do, and the sincere moments amidst the occasion. Alison’s portfolio and services also include private photo shoots and book projects, as well as photography of special events, concerts, performances, studio recording sessions, promo and portrait shoots, products and landscape/architecture.

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