Junior Hunters 3’3″

Open to riders who have not reached their 18th birthday. Horse/rider combination MAY NOT cross enter into Children’s Hunter section. All horses must have current USEF measurement card or copy of valid measurement form. Fence height: 3’3″. The last over fences class will be Handy Hunter.

Small Junior Hunters 3’3″

  • Section Fee: $185
  • Class 80,81,82,83 $100 Small Junior Hunter 3’3”
  • Class 84 $100 Small Junior Hunter 3’3” U/S

Large Junior Hunters 3’3″

  • Section Fee: $185
  • Class 85,86,87,88 $100 Large Junior Hunter 3’3″
  • Class 89 $100 Large Junior Hunter 3’3” U/S
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